Glad you're here. 

This page tells you a bit about me. In the blog section, I'll have a mix of interviews with writers, items about useful writing events locally and elsewhere. Also, once I start running writing clubs at a local school - already planned but pandemic delayed - I aim to sometimes showcase some of the young writers' work.

(In case you're wondering, Something To Say was the name of the small PR business I used to have, and web designers Ivoryred have now kindly remodelled it.)

About me

I discovered the pleasure of creative writing after being a journalist (news, features and subbing) for many years. In 2019 I graduated with an MA in Creative Writing from Manchester Metropolitan University — an excellent course, perfect for someone living in rural Somerset. 

Since then, I completely redrafted the book I wrote for my degree. (I can thoroughly recommend the Curtis Brown Creative short course, Edit & Pitch Your Novel, for this.)  The Girl with Silver Hair is a fantasy aimed at readers of around 9 - 12 years. Now I'm seeking an agent.

I'm currently working on a second book, Boy of Seaweed, Girl of Glass, a historic novel about a 14-year-old girl in 1830s Bristol. The research into industries of the time, and how people lived, is fascinating.

I'm also enjoying experimenting with short stories and flash fiction.

My career has been mostly in journalism - larger papers like the Yorkshire Post and Western Daily Press to small ones like the West Somerset Free Press - plus a few years in PR.

Get in touch


If you'd like to get in touch, please email me on sue@something-to-say.co.uk.