Watch out world...

First blog for the new website – so it’s watch out world, here we come!

First off, I hope you find the images fun. I love them and Jamie Tedder of ivoryRed is a star for finding and adapting them, altogether really listening to what I asked for and creating a site that’s just what I want.

Watch out world...

He did my old website too and it was great all those years ago when I first started my business Something To Say. But things move on and returning now to the business after a few years working for other organisations, I wanted a fresh start – and was looking for something fun.

It’s a quality kind of in short supply these economic days. So I never knew I’d be hobnobbing with a friendly sea monster and have balloons floating about, when I asked Jamie to create something quirky  ...

Of course there’s plenty of serious stuff on the site too and I hope it will be useful to you. I also plan to keep you posted on the blog with all kinds of helpful info. So happy reading, have fun!

by Sue Mitchinson on 16 January 2013

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